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Shotgun shells come in different sizes typically ranging from 2 3/4 inch up to 3 1/2 inches long round ammunition with shot pellets loaded into it. Shotgun rounds that range from 7 1/2 ounces up to 9 pounds have been created for the explicit purpose of taking down large animals such as bears.

Shotguns have been used since colonial times to take out enemies who are hiding behind cover including trees and rocks by loading buckshot rounds into the shotgun instead of using a rifle. Shotguns can be found in three different configurations: single shot, multi-barreled side by side or over-under models that feature two barrels stacked on top of one another or beside each other for a more compact fit when transporting it through rough terrain.

Shotguns come with either exposed hammers which means you must cock the hammer manually before firing or internal hammers meaning they will fire automatically once you pull back the trigger whether this is double action only (pulling the trigger fires and cocks), half-cock

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